Mississauga Christian Academy welcomes international students! We love international students as they have a positive impact on our school community. The number of international students is limited in each class so that the students will be encouraged to interact with others in the English language. With our Integrated Content ESL Instruction Model, students learn both English and academic content. Our integrated classrooms allow students to earn credit toward graduation in required core subject areas.

International Booklet

Mississauga, Ontario

See what Mississauga has to offer! 

Mississauga is vibrant and diverse city only 20 minutes away from the Toronto core. From shopping malls, to beautiful nature walks, Mississauga offers a wide arrange of useful resources and leisure activities.

International Fees and Tuition

Application Fee

Per Child
$100 CAD
NOTE: There will be no refund of the Application Fee

Comprehensive Tuition

International Tuition
$17,850 CAD per International Student
+ $1,000/month Homestay 

Our tuition fee is a comprehensive standard tuition fee that includes our enriched educational program, as well as books and student activities - all value-added elements for our families. Our tuition fee includes:

  • Agenda 
  • Books
  • Piano
  • Music Theory & Performance Materials (JK to Grade 5)
  • Concert Band Theory & Performance Materials (Grade 6 to 8)
  • Laptop Usage (Grade 6 to 8)
  • Swimming (Grade 1 to 5)
  • Skating (JK to Grade 8)
  • Class/Field Trips* 
  • Casual Days
  • Athletic Tournaments and Travel 
  • Co-curricular Activities and Travel
  • Integrated ESL program and ESL tutoring as needed

*Overnight trips are not included in the tuition fee. Information concerning overnight trips will be provided by the teacher prior to the date of the event. Due dates will be outlined on these forms.

Additional Fees

The following fees are not covered by the comprehensive tuition:

  • Before and/or After School Care 
  • Bussing 
  • PVA Fundraising Days
  • Instrument Rentals 
  • Meals 
  • School Uniforms
  • School Photos
  • School Supplies
  • Overnight Trips

International Health Insurance

It is recommended that all students have international health insurance. If you are looking for coverage for your child while they study in Canada please visit the link below for the "studyinsured" health insurance program by Ingle International.

International Admissions Forms

Download these forms and submit completed forms to the MCA Director of Enrolment Management:

International Homestay Profile

Homestay Profile

MCA School Uniforms

For more information about the uniform requirements for our students click on the button below.